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MV Strider Bow mount for Cineflex gimbal mount
By: gillfoto
Courtesy Evergreen Films website:
Strider serves as a mobile production and post-production facility throughout the coastal waters of Southern and South Central Alaska (from Ketchikan to Kodiak). Strider is a Viking 74 Sport Fisher with the enclosed bridge (after all, we are talking about Alaska here) and a pair of 2000HP MTU Diesel engines. Typically cruising at 25-28 knots, Strider allows us to reach remote locations quickly, outrunning the weather when required.

Strider has all the latest electronics (Dual radar systems, dual depth finder systems, 360 degree Sonar, thermal imaging system, etc) and a full edit suite with a high-end MacPro system with FCP and REDcine to support dailies as well as rough editing. A 65” Panasonic Professional Plasma Display with 12-bit color supports reviewing of dailies.

For production Strider is equipped with an adjustable bow jib with a Cineflex mount. Most of the time, we leave the Cineflex gimbal mounted on the bow for weeks or months at a time, shooting from the comfort of the Wheelhouse where dual 24-inch monitors and a Leader waveform monitor enable us to capture perfect images. The bow jib can be adjusted so that the Cineflex gimbal can be positioned down near water level or 5 feet above the foredeck.

Strider also carries a 20-foot skiff (RIB) named Frodo. Frodo is also equipped with a bow jib, allowing us to sneak into shallow areas with a low profile to capture unique shots that have never been seen before.

Strider is also equipped to serve as a dive boat for underwater filming, with an on board compressor and storage for tanks. During the shooting of Icy Killers (Summer 2008) we often had three divers aboard, plus crew to operate the boat and cinematographers to shoot with the Cineflex or shore-based cameras – all at the same time.

Strider is currently in use during filming Accidental Quest for Enlightenment as well as several other features.

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MV Strider Bow mount for Cineflex gimbal mount

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